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I've never seen a man, not the way to give his wife had met another man. But it was never able to talk to my wife Dianne, until the mid 30's, nifty stories seemed to click with her, you do not have to enjoy condemning someone to love. We had been married over 10 years and out in the effort, our love life, tired, we had our top ten of fantasy that is written, and compared what we wanted to do both. It was interesting to read that he wanted a threesome and longer tails (which has always loved my cock in her mouth) taste. Although it was lukewarm about fucking other women who have not released already. 'When I met the right woman, who knows ?' He said. I suggested we try No swingers club and after some thought he agreed After several weeks of research, we are in a swinger club in Rochdale. Dianne looked beautiful, she is 5'3 and has long brown hair and a nice size 12 figure with curves a bouncy castle 36d breasts and she was wearing a black tight dress, stockings, aª no bra. We picked up a couple of nights, from around us, and when we walked in there were about 10 couples of all ages around the nifty stories club, some towels and other sexy clothes. We got the tour and there is no pressure on us. Go to the top, had to move to the swingers room and put a towel on it after a few drinks I asked Diana if she wanted to climb the stairs, and without hesitation said yes. We have some towels and went to the locker room. Dianne had shoes, when another couple came to change, 'Do you nifty stories mind ?' I asked. 'No,' said Dianne, a little unsure. The couple were presented as Ian and Deb, Ian headed shaved thin, about 6 feet, Deb and was about 5'4 with a slim figure and big red hair short. Thet do not have time, peel and thought, 'When in Rome' and began to undress. Dianne opened her dress and dropped to the ground and her breasts were exposed to this strange, left his stockings, so small talk all the time with our new friends. Meanwhile, Ian was naked, but make no attempt to create the towel. I looked at Deb as she pulled her panties and naked in front of me. Exposing her pussy clean shave for a few seconds before turning the towel. Dianne came and put on his underwear. He continued talking to Ian, looking frankly at her bare breasts and shaved pussy. Then took the towel and said, ' you see above is ' covered half his stiff cock with her ​​towel and left. How do you feel, I asked, 'Fucking cool! ' Said her and we went upstairs. All the rooms were occupied, Ian and Deb Facy were committed and with another couple and not knowing the rules of etiquette do not want to bother, while noting, however, was the window for a while and Dianne said what a great Ian was kid. We decided to relax in the sauna for a while and as we joined another couple sat in it, both 50, which is botha little weight and naked above them. Dianne took off the towel and followed suit. Dianne sat in front of this old and sat with her legs apart so he could see her crack, and his cock stiffened as it was obvious that he enjoyed the view. We talked and I'm sure a naked woman this age gave a good look over. Her husband was a little embarrassed that his penis was, what he thought. Dianne laughed and said his nifty stories wife and after a slight inclination of her head, stopped and sat with him and said softly: '. You seem to need a little nifty stories help,' he took his cock in hand and began to masturbate, first slowly and then accelerates, and began to feel her tits. After a minute he shot his cum in his hand and his wife Dianne licked the semen of Dianne 's hand. Moments later, she thanked us and left. I asked him why he masturbated Dianne out and she said no we hear about sex and she had become after they see in the pussy. 'In this case,' I said ' fuck the towel and have fun. ' And he did, we left the sauna naked with Dianne and went to get a couple of drinks. When I returned two couples were in my wife naked in the chat and Ian put his hand on his thigh and both men admired her naked body. to the proposal from Ian went nifty stories to a room with him, Deb and the other pair, which we have learned is called John and Julie. Julie was nifty stories not an observer, except that they have a huge pair of tits. All joined in nudity Dianne Dianne and Ian spread legs and started licking her pussy was sucked John 's cock soon Deb, speaking through leaks Julie hairy pussy. After nifty stories a bit nifty stories of this I was on my back and fell Julie condom me and started walking, I act nifty stories as my wife like a cheap bitch saw only a few inches from me. She sucked on Ian. It was much bigger than me and seemed to stretch your mouth to fit all his cock in her mouth so small and pretty. She grabbed her hairy arse and I knew it was going to swallow his semen. In fact, I tighten the buttocks and shot his sperm in my wife's mouth. You awallowed every drop and licked it dry. He came over and began to thrash the tits nifty stories of Julia and French kissed her, as she jumped up and down my cock. Dianne was not overlooked when John went to live with her, and seconds later he was riding as Dianne Deb sucked my tits and ass groping. I was so I spunk and spunk in until Julie 's pussy while John emptied his balls became my wife 's pussy. Only when he retired I saw who was not wearing a condom and semen mixed with Diane cum dripping from her legs. I do not think Julie was happy with the ' no condom ' because it made ​​him leave afterwards. But at least Dianne thanked Deb and her tits give a quick pressure on output. We sat there and relax and entertain all Deb Dianne naked on my tits rubbed. Finally, Dianne kissed on the mouth and Dianne who returned the kiss. Soon they had their fingers each others pussies and very rough fingers together. After having this for a few minutes Ian and I were soon hard again and Dianne came to him and slid his cock inside her. He took the time to enjoy the feeling in my pussy and soon found myself in his wife 's pussy. Dianne was playing her nipples Debs and Ian fuck. Deb soon moaning and screaming that he was running. After she told me: 'Put your cock in her mouth and give it a trio. ' So I put my cock, still covered in Debs Dianne juices in the mouth. She loved it and I sucked really hard as Ian started hitting his cock inside her. Deb was behind me and started my ass hole, which I so on that shot my load into her mouth to lick Dianne was. He swallowed his second store at nifty stories night and licked my limp dick. He sat down and touched Deb, while for what seemed an eternity Ian grabbed my wife, before he finally shot his cum deep intDianne or well nifty stories used pussy. exchanged phone numbers and everyone said he would do it again. On the way home, both Diana and I were so on, which had just turned. I knew the end, in an alley and fucking her again quickly, nifty stories hot and dirty as she told me I had every one in his mouth, pussy and she felt and what the different hands had sperm. could not wait until he saw Ian and Deb again, but confessed that Dianne wanted to try several different keys and Deb, who try, licking a bum. Well, who am I to say no?
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